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We are a community-first chiropractic headed by Dr. Bric A. Steward and Dr. Justin White. Leveraging scientifically proven methodologies, we seek to address the root causes of low back pain, neck pain, and similar conditions in our patients. Beyond this, we believe it is our mission to promote a healthy lifestyle in our community of Harrisburg, Illinois by offering holistic wellness advice and plans that positively impact our local citizens.


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Dr. Bric A. Steward


Dr. Bric A Steward is fun, positive and enthusiastic in his approach, in chiropractic care and in life. A graduate of Southeastern Illinois College, where he received a Associate of Science Degree. Dr. Steward continued his education in St.Louis, MO where he completed his education and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology, and later his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, at Logan College of Chiropractic in 2003. He started Steward Chiropractic Center, LLC in Harrisburg, IL after practicing in Elizabethtown, IL for several great years at Hardin County Chiropractic Center. He and his wife, Rachel, are blessed to to have 3 daughters; Quincy, Camille, and Gianna. He has the vision of helping his community experience great chiropractic care and make a difference through their philanthropic giving.